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Will You Be A Copy Kate?

And from me, the answer is a very definite “No“. Whilst I admire the Duchess of Cambridge’s style, I have to acknowledge that she’s younger, taller and lithe, whilst I’m significantly shorter with an hour glass figure or, as my decorator once called me “a sturdy girl” (Yes, he’s…

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Earring Trends for Autumn 2018

From Balenciaga to Saint Laurent the message is clear: earrings are going to be huge this Autumn. Literally. The fashionistas are even warning us in advance to prepare our ear lobes by gradually increasing the size and weight of our Summer choices before attempting to wear exaggerated hoops, chandeliers…

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fabulous Christmas ideas 2

Have you noticed how expensive it is to gift wrap your Christmas presents? I admire people who can fold wrapping paper beautifully so that sellotape is hardly noticeable, and the added little extras such as spiral ribbons, rosettes, feathers and tags sit artistically framing perfectly folded corners. Then there’s…

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trends for Autumn 2015

Sauntering through the streets of scorching Palma last week, it was refreshing to see cool pastel linens and loose dresses being replaced by the new season collections. Tailored skirts, dresses and trousers are always great foundations for any business outfit and this year it is really easy to make…

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The Heat is On-Day 1.

At last the sun is shining here in the North East, with a heatwave forecast for the next few days, particularly in the south. It’s a perfect time to rediscover floaty, floral dresses in Summer shades once again . But when the heat is on, how do we still look cool?


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