be powerful yet perfectly pretty in pink

The mornings are brighter, the evenings ever longer so we all look towards a promise of warm lazy days in floaty tea dresses. And as we travel through time towards Summer, shops are saturated in the new season of pastels and brights. To the horror of some and delight of others, we discover that one of the key colours this year is pink. But even if you never wear pink, and certainly if your wardrobe is crammed full of candy floss fashion, please read on.

Pink has had bad press in the last 10 years. We are reminded of Kate Price with her pink horse box, pink horse dye and glitter hoof polish and of the never aging, tiny waisted Barbie doll. But pink doesn’t have to be a little girl’s colour nor represent the ultimate in bad taste. Worn well it can be very sophisticated, chic and sleek. So how to achieve elegance in shades of pink.

For those of you who wish to experiment, find three shades of pink that really complement each other. Wear them in layers, the darkest pink closest to the body, perhaps a shift dress, with the palest shade as a long jacket. The Hobbs Confetti dress at £149 is stunning as is their slightly paler layered chiffon Imogen dress (£139). Team the shift dress with Phase Eight’s Janie coat in petal and the chiffon dress with a beautiful pashmina. Accessories can either be in a third shade or choose a gorgeous pale cream or the lightest of dove grey to create a really luxurious look. And nothing looks more classy with pink than cream or ivory toned pearls, especially two or three ropes of differing lengths with simple pearl earrings.

If dressed top to toe in pink makes you nervous, it’s easy to get on board with the fashion. Take a look at your base outfit then add a couple of pink accessories. White trousers look gorgeous with a clean cut long pink duster coat (see Pretty Little Things or The Fold London) or mac. Pink with navy blue, grey, black, white or brown look classically elegant or, as the fashionistas suggest, the cutting edge for pink is to wear it with clashing red! Be brave with your accessories by choosing a hot cerise pink so that pop of colour really makes your look current. Then you’re ready impress.

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