Earring Trends for Autumn 2018

From Balenciaga to Saint Laurent the message is clear: earrings are going to be huge this Autumn. Literally. The fashionistas are even warning us in advance to prepare our ear lobes by gradually increasing the size and weight of our Summer choices before attempting to wear exaggerated hoops, chandeliers and geometric designs. Already wincing at the thought of impressively stretched earlobes?  Me too. But, as with all fashion, there’s always a middle way.

It’s long been recognised that a pair of statement earrings draws the eyes of onlookers to the face, away from those wobbly bits we’d rather keep to ourselves. And even the style of earrings can flatter our face shape. Long earrings elongate a round face and are ideal for women with short necks but if your face is long keep to small round earrings. Ladies with square faces will discover that long, dangling earrings are flattering whereas large earrings are great for faces with small features. For those of you tempted to wear a pair of statement earrings, do so without a necklace.

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