fabulous Christmas ideas 2

Have you noticed how expensive it is to gift wrap your Christmas presents? I admire people who can fold wrapping paper beautifully so that sellotape is hardly noticeable, and the added little extras such as spiral ribbons, rosettes, feathers and tags sit artistically framing perfectly folded corners. Then there’s the matching carrier bag to add to the list -shops are full of tempting accessories and it all soon adds up.

Then on Christmas Day the packaging is ripped off and thrown away so that’s at least £5 that’s gone to waste.

Now for your fabulous Christmas idea 2. If you Google gift wrapping online there are some really creative alternatives and I love the idea of using a scarf instead of paper. That makes two gifts for the price of one and no waste. A brilliant idea!

You can buy gorgeous scarves at most shops but if you choose one of our Fair Trade scarves or pashminas you are contributing to the economy of a very poor community too. It’s a win, win situation.

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