How a Monochrome Bag Can Save you a Fortune!

What is fashion? From week to week, article to article the parameters seem to change. One minute it’s white palazzo trousers, the next skinny jeans (and how many of us can pull those off or, in my case, up?)

We are told that the one staple item in every grown up woman’s wardrobe should be the little black dress (LBD). We all seem to have at least one LBD and I love my twelve year old Phase Eight sparkly dress. It comes out of the wardrobe for many a posh frock occasion-Christmas meals, wedding evening receptions, family celebrations to name but a few.

But some of you may ask who wants to look the same every year at the office Christmas do, the sports club disco or family parties?The solution is simple and inexpensive. You will need to spend a little money but let’s be honest-if you buy a new dress you will probably buy new accessories anyway.

The first look you could create is the very on trend and classical 60s monochrome. Think Audrey Hepburn, Chanel and Mary Quant. Look in markets for a white bow to glue onto your black heels, add in an inexpensive large clutch (the Tesoros Chanel style monochrome bag is perfect at £34.95) and, depending on the dress, find a white Peter Pan collar or wide white belt (and for the Mary Quant look it has to be shiny plastic) and you are ready to go. A bespoke outfit just for you.

Coming next-add sparkle and Hollywood glamour to your LBD.

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