Why Meghan Looked Marvellous in Monochrome

Even if you’re used to being in front of a camera, knowing that the world is watching, it must be a daunting experience to be a royal fiancee. You know that every detail of how you look and what you’re wearing will be analysed in minute detail so that the slightest chink in your armour will be discovered and printed repeatedly for years to come. (Remember Diana and the black Emmanuel evening dress?). So what is a girl to wear to be contemporary not frumpy, individual yet appropriate, safe yet cutting edge? Meghan Markle could have made a catastrophic mistake but, on her first royal evening engagement, Meghan got it right.

As Audrey Hepburn proved in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” there’s nothing more classic than black with white. Yet the black trouser suit with shortened legs (for slim girls only) and towering heels kept Meghan’s look relevant to all the fashionistas waiting to be critical. The white blouse was business-like yet professional, reminiscent of past years acting as a lawyer, and the slip of an evening clutch bag noticeable for it’s red trim. How disappointed all the critics must be-it’s so easy to write volumes about fashion mistakes but, on this occasion, they were silenced. There’s something about Meghan I’m beginning to enjoy!

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