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Will You Be A Copy Kate?

And from me, the answer is a very definite “No“. Whilst I admire the Duchess of Cambridge’s style, I have to acknowledge that she’s younger, taller and lithe, whilst I’m significantly shorter with an hour glass figure or, as my decorator once called me “a sturdy girl” (Yes, he’s still breathing!). Neither do I wish to spend my hard earned wages on a two thousand pound Gucci outfit that someone famous has worn. And if you are contemplating it, I’m afraid it sold out as soon as Kate was seen in it back in 2017.

But even if we are reluctant to invest in a huge overdraft, we can still take inspiration from the rich, famous and royals. From some (and I’m thinking particularly of royal sisters here) we realise what not to wear whilst others can inspire us to create elements of a look including Kate’s very business-like modern style. Boden have already made a clever move by designing a smart grey dress with red trims but even this dress comes in at £150 and, in these days of shopping wisely, we should ask ourselves whether we really need another grey dress or suit? My wardrobe is full of them.

So I’ve been thinking about how to create the grey and red look without spending a fortune. We just have to be a little creative so it’s not going to be the same but it’s stylish, modern and affordable-you can bring it in for less than £50.

Here’s how to do it. First of all let’s take one of our grey or black dresses or suits out of the wardrobe.  Check it over to decide if it should head into the washing machine or dry cleaners as that splatter of smoothie doesn’t cut the mustard. Try any narrow belt with it and, if it hangs well with a belt, take a look at H&M. They sell a lovely narrow red belt for just £6.99.  But if you’re small and a belt simply makes you look shorter read on.

Next, raid your closet for a pair of red heels.  If they’re too worn or you’d like a new pair to add that vibrant pop of colour, Debenhams sell a lovely pair of red courts for £20 and there’s a whole range of reds advertised at M&S for £19.50. Now you’re the proud owner of red accessories there’s no need to continue the search but, if you have the cash and want to take it further, the next step in any outfit is the bag.

Kate definitely favours a clutch and it’s a surprise if she carries any other bag style these days. A clutch is discreet, neat and understated. If it’s a clutch you’re after, take a peep at Accessory O’s Italian red leather suede for £22 An absolute steal. Personally, if it’s daytime, I like something slightly larger as I don’t have a maid in waiting or personal assistant at my shoulder and, if you read my previous article listing the contents of my handbag, you’ll appreciate why bigger is not just beautiful, it’s essential. Whilst Tesoros has some amazing red Italian leather hand crafted bags in stock, we’re working as a team to keep your expenditure down so I would select the red and black saddle bag, currently reduced to £24.95.  It’s relatively small yet large enough to carry those every day items we all need and can be carried cross body or on the shoulder. Ideal for the working day.

That’s it-the Kate effect complete without being a Copy Kate. And as the evenings become longer and Winter coats make an appearance, why not put our black leather gloves with red trim on your Christmas list just to take the outfit into the depths of Winter.

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