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Feeling the Chill?

Brr! With falling temperatures and the threat of snow, we are reminded that Winter can be tough. The temptation is to snuggle up with a good book or box set but, if we are to feel healthy and energetic, it is vital that we see the outside world between 11.00am and 3.00pm to boost our Vitamin D. The Winter is a superb time to exercise to improve our mood. It doesn’t have to be the grind of the gym..fun exercise such as dancing, swimming, horse riding will all give you a lift.

The house always seems vast and empty once the Christmas decorations are put back in the loft so remember to buy some bright Spring flowers or bulbs to bring the hope of warmer days back into your home. And resist the temptation to wear darks all Winter. A daffodil yellow or bubblegum pink will lift your spirits and complement those Winter darks.

And if you need a hint for one piece to buy that will be in vogue next Autumn, Oscar de La Renta went for camel so a swish of a camel toned soft and gentle pashmina is just the treat you need.


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