The Heat is On-Day 1.

At last the sun is shining here in the North East, with a heatwave forecast for the next few days, particularly in the south. It’s a perfect time to rediscover floaty, floral dresses in Summer shades once again . But when the heat is on, how do we still look cool?

Cool people always look well presented. It’s so easy with light cottons and linens to step out of your home looking creased and crumpled but it smacks more of British Boris Johnson than it does of Mediterranean elegance. When searching for a new outfit don’t be afraid to do the Maxine crease test….grab a handful of the material and squash it in your hand to see how the material responds. Any doubts put it back. You also need to be sure that the item can be washed. And don’t be tempted by no iron or easy iron. For that polished cool look it’s essential to iron after washing or wearing then add a gorgeous bag and sandals and you’re ready to go!


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