All Wrapped Up

This weekend I needed to wrap presents for a friend’s birthday. I made a list: paper, tags, gift bag, little box for one present…it came to almost £8 just for wrapping. If we are honest, most of it ends up in the bin, or is put in a drawer under the bed just in case!

This made me think more creatively about imaginative ways to spend £8 on something that is far more useful and appreciated. I started to play with scarves. For £4.95 I could take a Fair Trade net scarf and wrap it around presents, tying with a gorgeous piece of ribbon (saved from another gift) or a piece of rustic string. By wrapping with a scarf there is an extra present in the bundle. The workers in the co-operative in northern India also benefit as they will need to produce more scarves if I wrap in this way. For less than £9 I could select a larger scarf for a boxed gift. Again ribbon or string can be used to secure the scarf then the recipient has the delight of that extra gift, which can be a very glamorous and useful gift in itself.

Now that paper and paper goods are so expensive, let us think again.


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