And Talking of Bridget Jones …………

The day after she is mentioned in our diary, the new Bridget Jones book is announced. But what about Mark Darcy? How can a Bridget Jones film survive without the camp fisticuffs between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth? And will Bridget get it together in the way she looks.. …. but then isn’t the difference between the Joneses and the Darcys the essence of the film? The frumpy girl from the family with little taste and the boy from the tight lipped family with the classic British approach to appearance-twin sets and Harris Tweed!

Whilst we all have a smidgeon of Bridget in us (the ladies at least)  we would all prefer to dress like Renee Zellweger, the actress who plays her character so sympathetically. But in real life, as Renee knows, when it comes to frills and flounce, less is more and this is so true for her red carpet appearances. A stunning pair of earrings, bangle or statement necklace adds elegance to a red carpet/special occasion dress but to add all three can sometimes be simply too much. That’s why at Tesoros we often have matching items but we sell them individually. This helps you to make choices so that you can recreate Hollywood glamour or, if you are selecting gifts, ensures that you can keep within your budget.

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