Countdown to Downton Abbey

Here at Tesoros Gifts it’s countdown to Downton Abbey. Less than 14 hours to go to watch Lady Edith’s kiss with her married man! But each episode will need to be recorded as we’ll be  absorbed in the story during the first viewing then focus on the glorious fashions of 1922. To see replicas of necklaces, bracelets and other little accessories will be a thrill after seeing some stunning stills. As always, it’s the level of detail that makes the programme seem authentic and that’s how our ladies approach creating their style too. We know this season is a pink and peach season so, rather than going out looking like a stick of candyfloss, we add a splash of pink or peach to our outfits with a scarf of bag. The flapper look is bound to be the feature of the Christmas party season but, again, most dresses can be worn with clever accessorising to create this look. Layering pearls is one way to tap into the 1920s or wearing a long sparkling necklace draped down a backless dress. Visit Tesoros Gifts during the weeks ahead and you’ll be amazed how we can quickly transform your outfit without spending a fortune!

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