Cuffs, Bangles and Bracelets-If You Only Buy One Accessory This Month…

..make it a cuff advise “Woman and Home” magazine May 2014. A cuff is another word for a wide bangle or bracelet. They recommend choosing “a cuff as big and bright and as bold as you can get”. As style director Angela Kennedy explains, “The right cuff will brighten up a simple sweater (with the sleeves pushed up) or dazzle for evening with a sexy black dress”.

The cuff they feature is £120 but Tesoros has a gorgeous selection of cuffs, bangles and bracelets in its online shop from £14.20. We also stock lines exclusive to our special events as we have only one or two of these pieces in stock.

So take the advice of Angela Kennedy and add a gorgeous cuff, bracelet or bangle to your wardrobe today.

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