fabulous Christmas ideas 1

So this year Christmas is on your shoulders. Very soon you will need to think about decorating the house, gifts for everyone and enough food to feed passengers on the QEII. Every magazine you read in the months ahead will be about the perfect Christmas with a smiling hostess in a cocktail dress. Who cooks turkey and stuffing in their best frock?

But, unlike the perfect hostess you’re probably on a budget so the whole process has to start with lists. A list each for gifts, food and other. By creating these lists you are reducing the likelihood of panic buying and, if you like, you can specify your budget. The trick is to keep to it!

There are some really good deals around at the moment and you have given yourself the time to think creatively.

Here’s brainwave number one. If you need to create a Christmas stocking for everyone, or a table gift, how about buying sets of mini perfumes and splitting them into individual gifts. The Armani mini collection for women works out to be just £6 per bottle. A tasteful stocking filler everyone will love without spending a fortune. For more fabulous Christmas ideas, revisit our diary page very soon.


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