How many pay days to Christmas?

The glorious sun at the weekend helped us all to push the thought of Winter to the back of our minds for just a little longer. With the sun blazing through the windows, it’s hard to turn our minds to tinsel and turkey.

Today we are back to Autumnal weather in the north so now friends and colleagues are beginning to organse Christmas nights out. A little premature I thought, until I started to count up the paydays. December is too late to really count so that’s October left and November too…good heavens above.

But there’s no panic here at Tesoros…we have gifts for all the ladies in your family and very soon some for the men too. The new products-luxurious leather gloves, ropes of pearls and candles, cufflinks and pens, are with our photographer so will be online before we hear the first Christmas song in the supermarket.

But for now start  your lists and begin to fill your baskets and remember-we only charge postage for the heaviest item.

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