Luxurious Leather Gloves for Women -a must have accessory

This Summer I toured the main three Italian cities-Rome, Florence and Venice. Rome is stunning but it was Florence that stole my heart. Compact and historical, a haven for art lovers, shoppers and the influential there is nothing brash about this city. Despite the scorching 34 degrees, the couturier shop windows targeted the Autumn market. With few exceptions, black is the featured colour. Brights such as scarlet and electric blue artistically splashed across an arm in a handbag or shawl.

Famous for leather, especially handbags, I was delighted with the luxurious leather gloves for women.  Leather gloves adorned shops from wall to wall, floor to ceiling in every tone and design.

So what do leather gloves do for a woman? They create long elegant fingers, tantalising wrists, a certain sophistication reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

More of Italy later….

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