Leather Gloves-Symbol of a Lady

Gloves have been a fashion staple for hundreds of years. From Jane Austen to our Queen, or Christian Dior to Lady Gaga, gloves have featured at significant events….dancing the night away at glamorous balls, introducing a new collection, modelling for photo shoots, meeting hundreds of people or singing in a sports stadium.

When it comes to leather gloves, long kid opera gloves would be the choice of the aristocracy. In 1914 the assassinated Sophie, Duchess of Hohenburg even lay in state wearing hers. And then there’s the vanity of Elizabeth I! Throughout her life she knew her most alluring feature was her hands, with their long elegant fingers. To capture the attention of those around her, she would play with her gloves, pulling them on and off to tantalise gentlemen in an age when they rarely saw as much as a woman’s ankle. Clever, wiley Elizabeth!

And more recently, the Obama ladies selected beautiful shades of leather gloves for the inauguration day. It was a chilly morning but a splash of bold colours caught the imagination of the public. Leather gloves-The choice of every First Lady!


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