make a list!

Christmas seems so far away doesn’t it? But it’ll be here before you know it so it really is time to make a list, especially if you’re visiting the Christmas Fair in Durham next weekend. Don’t panic-it’s on the outskirts at New College-one of the Lumiere Park and Ride Car Parks postcode DH1 5ES.

If I don’t make lists one of two things happens. I either end up not buying anything, so I have to find time for another shopping day, or I panic buy far too much then I decide I don’t really like the presents I’ve bought for people so a lot of money is wasted.

When you are making lists:

  • decide on a budget for each person and keep to it.
  • decide if this is a person who would appreciate one beautiful item or would be more delighted with the bigger the better.
  • remember that whilst you may love a glittery wine glass, the person on your list may have more conservative tastes.
  • buy a global present in reserve. Something that anyone would appreciate like a fragranced candle or Christmas tree decoration is handy in reserve for that unexpected visitor. If it is left over it is a bonus gift for yourself…and you deserve it!

Enjoy your shopping everyone!


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