Mr. Darcy Sends His Apologies!

A delicious picnic on the lawns of a country pile must be one of the great joys of life in the UK and none can be more impressive than Chatsworth House. It was with great excitement and anticipation that my family drove there yesterday for a special family celebration. Visualising Elizabeth Bennett with her aunt and uncle in the carriage, we drove slowly down the great driveway towards this glorious stately home. Admittedly we were in a queue as we paid for parking but my imagination zapped them out of the mind’s photograph. I have to say-no wonder Miss Bennett suddenly found Mr Darcy to be considerably more handsome!

Delicious chocolate and coconut fudge cake in the stables restaurant, sauntering in the grounds in the warm sun, and a magnificent tour around the house were precursors to our picnic. It was an absolutely perfect English day….just a shame that Mr. Darcy did not rise from the lake in his soaked white shirt….but as I said, imagination is a wonderful tool!

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