Sam Cam and the £42 Dress

Today journalists seem to be obsessed with the cost of clothes worn by the royals, rich and famous and today we have a perfect example. There is Samantha Cameron at the Party Political Conference in a £42 dress with a very expensive leather belt. Should we be shocked at how gorgeous a £42 dress can be or by how a simple accessory can make the dress look like a stylish, elegant yet understated designer garment?

And the belt has been worn at least three times before and if Samantha Cameron justifies expenditure like many of us do that means for today’s occasion it really cost around £65. Then of course there are the times she has worn it in private too which reduces the cost per wear even more……. Who doesn’t do that with at least one item in their wardrobe? My hand is up…a black sequinned dress I bought ages ago but has been worn time and again with different necklaces, bangles and earrings so that it looks a completely different dress!

Those of us who love to accessorise have already discovered this secret of the right accessory. It can change an outfit completely so is a real investment. Remember the gorgeous leather gloves worn by the Obama ladies at the inauguration in January. Not only did they keep hands warm on a bitterly cold day, but created a girlie yet stylish look with hints of Jackie O. So this year, there’s no need to be frantically trying on new clothes for a trip to the theatre, dinner party or company do as your wardrobes are bursting with clothes you rarely wear. Take out something you enjoy wearing and think hard about how to change it by adding a stunning necklace, a statement pair of earrings, pashmina or a handbag and wait for the compliments to come your way.

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