Sporty Ladies and Party Girls

As the warm weather is completely blown away by storms and misty days, some of us are beginning to think about days on the piste, fighting the elements on the golf course and galloping across frosty fields. Traditionally men have had their way when it comes to little sporting accessories. For years, black or silver metal hip flasks seemed to be the only choice….until we shouted loud enough to be heard. Little feminine touches to any sporting event is essential.  Watching horses complete cross country  courses in the cold drizzle yesterday was pretty miserable and only the thought of Yorkshire puddings and a hot toddy could keep anyone focussed. That was until the star blinged pink hip flask with “a little something to keep you warm” appeared and was passed around. The conversation suddenly became animated again.

This sweet hip flask will be online in the next few days. It comes in a lovely presentation box and is a perfect gift for sporty ladies, party girls or anyone who loves pink!

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