Style, Glamour and Razzmatazz!

Leaving home this morning, there was a chill to the air so it was time to raid the glove drawer.  Leather gloves complement a pin stripe business suit perfectly. Sometimes gloves match the colour of  a blouse, scarf, shoes or coat or, if it’s particularly dreary weather, a bright contrasting pair lifts the mood. Think back to the drama Mr. Selfridge when he selected a pair of showstopping red leather gloves for Agnes to persuade her to work for him..

How funny that on the first day of wearing gloves for many months, our long awaited collection of leather gloves arrived this evening. Now unpacked are bubblegum pink gloves embellished with a pretty bow, sophisticated purple, green and black gloves, stunning red gloves, and tan suede. Each pair has been designed with elegant ladies, who love to accessorise, in mind.

Our photographer will soon capture each pair for this website so keep visiting us. You can also sign up for our newsletter then you won’t miss any new products.

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