The Battle of the Princesses

Before either films are released, the press are calling it “The Battle of the Princesses”. Would a film about the late Princess Diana be more popular than a film about Princess Grace of Monaco? Whilst the quality of the stories may be heavily fictionised, what we do know from the stills is how immaculate these princesses were when it came to clothes and accessories. After all, sixteen years have passed since Diana died, yet working women are still wearing versions of her famous shift dress, a perfect palatte for Tesoros jewellery. An eycatching necklace, a beautiful pair of earrings or a subtle sparkling bracelet is all a shift dress needs (and a signature pair of shoes of course!).

Princess Grace was so admired for her beautfully classic style that Hermes named a handbag after her..the Kelly bag. A gorgeous handbag with a matching pair of gloves will create a very expensive look and, at Tesoros, this classic style can be achieved without designer prices.

Enjoy the films everyone and tell us what you think…but we’ll not compare one princess to another: they were both icons of their eras.



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