the top 5 markets in Majorca

There’s something very relaxing about sauntering around the colourful markets of Mediterranean countries and in Majorca markets are thriving. From cute performing pigs (raising money for animal welfare) to crystallised ginger that makes your head explode, there is something for the whole family to enjoy. Remember to keep cool with a hat and bottle of water- markets can be sweltering as they become crowded and keep in mind that they usually pack away in the early afternoon so make it a morning visit. Here are our favourite experiences so enjoy the Tesoros top 5 markets in Majorca.

1. Sineu on a Wednesday-Sineu is a rather sleepy Medieval town in the centre of the island. When you pull up to park on a Wednesday, don’t be surprised to battle with thousands of cars and tour buses for a space! The streets are lined with stalls great and small, performers and live animals (yes you can buy your chickens here!) and there are pony rides for children. The restaurants become very crowded with locals eating tapas.

2. Pollensa on a Sunday. Known as the hippy market, many stallholders in Pollensa make their own jewellery and clothes, although the poor copy MK bags are still very visible. It’s vibrant and colourful with the retired local women dressed to the nines to meet their friends for lunch.The main square is dedicated to food stalls so try some local cheese and olives. We love the idea of collecting a cake at the bakery to eat with a coffee at the restaurant Il Giardino. Click here to read a detailed article.

3. Andratx-Wednesday. A couple of miles inland from the port is the fortress town of Andratx. Each Wednesday the tourist market is held in the main streets. Most impressive are the giant sized fruits and vegetables so popular with local residents. Battle with the little Spanish old ladies in the queue for succulent peaches and zingy home grown peppers. There are also stalls selling everyday items, gifts and the usual MK handbags. Afterwards drive down to the port for a refreshing walk, cake and coffee.

4. Alcudia-Tuesdays and Sundays. A great way to support local farmers but, in tourist season, the market spreads to the narrow shaded streets of the old town. It is vibrant and sells every conceivable item from a paella pan large enough for a street, to cheap pocket money toys.

5. Valldemossa-Sunday. It’s only a small market, but is a relaxing stroll after a gorgeous drive into the hills. From 11 o’clock most of the shops open here on a Sunday too and the bakeries cook the most tantalising breads and coco de patatas which is the light and sweet local speciality.

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