Time for a delicate touch of Spring to Brighten your Winter wardrobe

Yesterday I was in London and noticed that daffodils were already in bloom. The striking yellow against the muted greens and browns is a symbol of hope..better weather could soon be on the way. In my own garden, here in the North East, the Spring flowers are slightly less advanced with the first of the crocus colours (mauve) just beginning to peep out from under the trees.

It’s at this time I become restless with my Winter wardrobe and it’s far too soon to change it. The old saying about not casting a clout until May is out rings true in the north. One little touch I can make is to add a Spring coloured scarf to brighten up my dark coats. The cream, gold thread and buttermilk scarf is my current favourite as it tones beautifully with a brown coat but soon I will be introducing the green striped and pink striped to my herringbone coat. Pink and greens were the key colours in the London shop window displays, having taken their lead from the Spring/Summer 2014 catwalk shows so I am spending very little to update classic, everlasting coats.

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