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Today’s Daily Mail article discussing “Which is the Pick of the must-have Pink Coats?”  has raised quite a response from it’s readers. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2432419/PETRONELLA-WYATT-Which-pick-pink-coats-season.html The problem seems clear. A pink coat is so this season…so if someone spends £179 on this year’s must buy what happens next year? Will the new pink coat be sent to the charity shop or will the fashionistas risk everyone knowing the coat is from the previous season.

In my experience it is so much better to follow the wisdom of French women by buying an investment coat. A £400 coat, reduced in the January sale and in camel, greys, black or blue will last for years to come. The difference is in the accessories. A grey coat with a pink bag, scarf and/or leather gloves looks sophisticated with a nod to fashion. Then when it’s a green or orange year all the savvy lady needs to do is change a couple of acccessories.


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    Thank you for your kind comment Camiseta. In the months leading up to Christmas you will see our website developing with new products and diary entries so spread the word to your friends.

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