Why Do We Buy Clothes?

Just a few miles away there is a collection of clothes once owned by a lady the Daily Mail are calling the real life Miss Haversham. This is a vast collection of clothes bought over many decades, mainly never worn. They were hidden away and have just been disovered. This is an extreme case, but how many of us have a dress, pair of shoes or coat that cost more than we would usually pay so we have put it away for “best”? Yet maybe these “investment” items are still in your wardrobes complete with labels.

This Christmas why not snip off labels and plastic bits and find a reason to wear whatever it is you have stored away. After all you one loved it enough to buy it. If it feels outdated, add a scarf, necklace  or bag just to bring it back into fashion. And remember when you are being pressured into buying over the Christmas sales period…don’t be persuaded into paying a fortune for something you are afraid to wear. Clothes should be loved and enjoyed.


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