Would He Dare?

A recent article in the Daily Mail claims that researchers discovered that nearly 80% of women want Botox or similar treatments as their Valentine gift. Forgive me for being retro in thought and word, but isn’t Valentines Day about romance? What happened to small meaningful gestures that nurture love between two people, the thoughtful gift between a parent and child or two friends?

I’d love to go back to the days when a secretive card and a small token delighted the recipient. For many years I received an anonymous card and even when I moved from one region to another a card in the same handwriting would follow. I never discovered who sent it, there was nothing scary or worrying about it so I delighted in knowing that someone took the time to choose and post it.

A friend of mine has put a £10 limit on how much she and her devoted husband will spend this year. This doesn’t mean either of them love each other any less because they prove that every day by being together and caring for each other. Giles Brandreth claims that at social events, Prince Philip always looks for Her Majesty across the room and her face lights up as she catches his eye. That’s love..without balloons, pink fluffy things or Botox!




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