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How Much Is Your Handbag Worth?

You’re about to be shocked! And we’re not talking about investment bags here, we’re talking about all the valuables you carry around. I’ve just emptied my handbag to find:

  • A Samsung Galaxy -I have no idea which model it is but it’s only a year old so I’m guessing £500 plus
  • A Swaorvski sparkly pen- £45
  • Purse-£19ish
  • Cash-£47.63
  • Credit and debit cards-I can’t put a price on these but, if stolen, the possibilities are endless
  • Store Award cards-shockingly I have over £100 on these yet to spend. (saving for Christmas presents)
  • Perfume (a small bottle of Kenzo World £27.99
  • Personalised Aspinal slimline address book-£50
  • Elizabeth Arden Lipstick in Iced Grape £22
  • A Tube of Arden Eight Hour Cream-£28
  • Spray deodorant-£1

Then there’s tissues, keys, eye drops and all the other paraphernalia that we need to survive a day.  Some of you will carry added technology, trinkets and treasures, some of which are irreplaceable.

Add in today’s handbag which is a lovely Italian leather handbag from Carbotti worth £242 so that makes a total of £1082.62 WOW! In 2013 police were estimating that the average woman’s handbag would be worth around £250. And think of all the cards you’ll frantically need to cancel if your bag goes missing. It’s everyone’s dread. But don’t think it won’t happen to you. If someone can steal a bag from the back of a church during communion, which happened one Sunday in my church, then a restaurant is a welcome mat to thieves.

So it’s not surprising that in 2011 and 2013 some police forces distributed handbag hangers to raise awareness about handbag theft. A handbag hanger is the way savvy, streetwise women protect themselves. It fits neatly onto the table so your bag is there with you and, if you wish, can have discreet contact with your leg.

Here’s a little exercise that will only take two minutes-think to the last time you were in a cafe or restaurant. Visualise where you put your handbag as you enjoyed a latte or Prossecco? On the floor perhaps or worse, the back of your seat? Now go and empty one of your bags, add your phone into it and work out approximately how much that bag was worth on that day. Then take a sharp intake of air.

Perhaps that’s why handbag hangers are our best selling product this month. For less than £10 you’re giving your precious bag added protection. It’s certainly food for thought but, as Nick Ross always said at the end of each Crimewatch episode-“Don’t have nightmares. Sleep well.”

Here’s the link Handbag Hangers



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