how to look after pearls

Pearls are a treasured gift from the sea. Their beauty is in their gentle lustre, which is eternal if they are cared for with love and gentleness. As they feed from your skin there are some basic rules to follow to prevent damage.

  1. Keep your pearls away from all chemicals and by chemicals we mean hair spray, soap, perfume and deodorants. Learn the pearl mantra of the last thing to put on and the first thing to take off then you will be fine. But don’t forget if you top up your perfume or hairspray part way through the day.
  2. Wrap your pearls in a satin or velvet pouch when you are not wearing them and, if you keep your jewellery in a safe, do not leave them in for prolonged periods as pearls need moisture from the air. Pearls simply love to be worn and, if you do so frequently, their lustre will keep on getting better and better.
  3. Don’t store pearls in plastic bags as plastic can damage them.
  4. Never clean pearls with a steamer or any type of jewellery cleaner. If you spill something onto your pearls try luke warm water and, if essential, a natural soap, not detergent.
  5. Sweat is not good for pearls so remember to remove them when exercising and also if you are experiencing unusually hot and humid weather.
  6. Keep pearls away from all abrasive objects including harsh fabrics such as prickly wool.

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth 1 was reputed to have owned over 3000 pearl embroidered gowns?

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