new year declutter-the first steps

No sooner has the last mince pie been eaten and the glittery baubles popped back in the loft when the “new year, new you” articles appear in newspapers and magazines. Journalists and celebrities suddenly become experts in reorganising your life, losing weight and creating exercise routines that will radically change your body. It’s a very lucrative business-think of the fortunes made by companies selling you storage solutions, celebrities (who exactly are these people?) grinning inanely with their newly shaped bodies from the covers of DVDs, annual subscriptions to slimming clubs, diet magazines and gyms. Let’s admit it-we are tempted but can we stick to it?

In my experience it’s all about small steps, small changes you wish to make to your lifestyle and building quietly and calmly on these. Let’s talk about decluttering first. Your triple wardrobe is in a state so you strip it all and decide to put clothes in those piles your printed advisers suggest-keep, charity, throw. Then within five or six items of clothing you begin to be indecisive. You’re not alone, we all do it as most of us have fat weeks and less fat  weeks for starters. My advice is to start small. Begin by clearing out small items such as your handbags. Collect small change for a treat or charity, throw defunct emery boards, tissues and receipts away (unless they are for credit cards) and spare pens can be put into your office drawer. If you’ve picked up gentle leather cleaning products you may even wish to smarten up the exterior of your favourite bags too. Now you feel a sense of achievement and a little more organised.  Your next declutter session, whenever that will be, could be a make up bag or a small drawer. It takes just half an hour but you won’t lose interest or the will to live yet you are making subtle changes.

And when it comes to losing that little tyre around your waist, just knock one bad habit a week on the head. Start off by replacing juices and fizzy drinks with water-it’s not that difficult honestly. Or how about not buying crisps for your packed lunches and television viewing. Then gradually build on your first changes until you are eating a relatively healthy but balanced diet. And as far as exercise is concerned, if like me you have a gym membership try to go along at least three times a week rather than setting yourself impossible targets such as 6 days a week. But when you’re there you need to exercise for 30 to 45 minutes, not sit at the side of the pool gossiping, as tempting as that may be. If you don’t have a gym membership then the world is a big place for walking, jogging, joining park bootcamps or even an inexpensive exercise or dance class at your local village hall. You’ll likely make new friends as an added bonus too.

So that’s the first steps towards a Tesoros new year, new you-and you haven’t spent a penny on someone telling you how to do it while earning a fortune. Happy New Year everyone. I have to go now as today is my first 35 minutes of 2017 at the gym!

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